i was buying fish in kensington market

18+ only please

i was buying fish and i didnt really know what i was doing because i mean come on, who buys fish and cooks it? fancy people. and everyone wants to be fancy these days making food they watched on t.v. and wouldnt i want to watch you on t.v. all night long standing there looking so fine in your tshirt and lean body. so there i was buying fish and i was asking the guy what kind of fish to buy and you kept looking at me while licking your lips in this totally disgusting way that made me want to hurl because i mean come on, i was buying fish and it smelled like raw fish in there and there you were all smoking fine and sexy and so damn forward licking your lips in this really gross way i just couldnt understand my attraction? but anyway the guy suggests the ahi tuna cos it is the shiznit so i go ok but the guy told me how much it was and i almost puked the combination of the cost the smell the violent lip licking your sexyness i just could not handle it but then you stopped licking your lips made this really loud ehem sound and went like "Excuse me miss, may I buy your fish?" and i was like woah damn this guys voice is like fuckin butta And he stopped licking his lips And wants to buy my fish? I said OK you paid and i left but now i kinda wish i got your number.

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