Adjusted Bodice Sloper *new pics added*

Bought this dress for 5 bucks at a clearance shop with the idea of fixing it, and I did, just didn't do a super perfect job lol

Anyway I was able to make a sloper that fits my body perfectly and that was worth it because I've been *wanting* to make underwear but haven't really taken any steps towards making any (need a new machine with the zigzag stitch-the one with three stitches per zag) until I made this pattern.

this is the back part of the dress. i already took the front part off
 this is the lining. i used this to make my pattern. you can see the original size on the left side, and on the right side i've put the two pieces closer together to make it smaller.
 i can't really remember how i figured out how to adjust the boob parts. i think i just pinched the fabric and marked it and guesstimated. oh wait. i didnt guesstimate that much cos you need to match up the measurements. when everything was adjusted i traced the fabric pieces on paper and cut it out and thats now my pattern.
 here is the lining all sewed up, i did a running stitch and fitted it to make sure, then went over it with the machine
 this is the denim/front part. the cups had a fused interface which i didn't remove.
the weird part was i couldn't remember how the lining and the front was attached. it was kinda complicated, the bottoms of the cups were somehow blind stitched onto the front but the rest was loose ugh. i dunno what i did- had to turn the thing inside out and pass it through itself. it was really confusing
amazingly enough i managed to save most of the original topstitched-washed edges on the front side and was able to follow along those lines so here it is all sewed up and ready to re-attach back onto the dress. tbh i think this pic might be the front part before i took it apart. wait a second, this make shift tute is getting progressively worse.
 anyway, its done now but i didnt do that good of a job and its a bit wonky. probably because i was too lazy to take the original zipper completely off and i didnt really think about it. so yeah...

so here are the pics of me wearing it all wonky.

its not much work to do it again so when i have time and do some sewing ill finish it. maybe lol
it needs a lot of work like it needs maybe a bra sewed in the cups if i ever wanted to wear it without a bra. hah im so lazy. ok yeah so probably itll look great with a strapless bra. i dont have one.

 ok and here is the zipper side. see what i mean i was being impatient. and look at the results. horrible. also i need to take it in more so its fit perfect. that would also help the bralessness issue.
 this is the other side and see what i mean? i need to sew it in where the dark parts are and it will be a better fit with the fixed zipper side. duh. and match up with the belt. double duh did you see the zipper side belt part lol
 pa dah its all wonky and shiz you guyses. i dunno. but i have a pattern now and yeah ok i guess it could be ok. for sleeping.
if redo it ill post it again.

oh let me take pics of the inside and ill post here.

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