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lol @ I just can't. I. Don'.t. Understand. etcisms... LMAO just cos I saw it on 2 broke girls. That line between high brow and low brow (have you heard it) I think that might be an Owen Pallet lyric. I was listening to the music on random and Coco Rosie came on and I immediately wanted to change it (Lyla) ugh.

I need new tunes.

Saw Epy in Pinoy Sunday the other day, on a Sunday, op cors. Awesome!!!

Yeah dudes like, I'm totally not digging not having Dominic around to be like, yo man, totally fly and dumb with right now. This mad stack of bills and hella shcweet draaank don't mean shit without your boo. You know whatImean


as if.


Oh yeah heres some great news I passed my Citizenship Exam now I just hope I haven't fudged up so bad IRL they won't let me be one. Who to vote for??? And what answer did I get wrong????

No one knows!!!!!!

Yeah and I made ANOTHER curtain cos I am so teh awesome. It kinda sucks but I thought it would be great prep for too hot summers if they EVER GET HERE PLEASE

ya Im shouting cos I need to chill and go to bed I guess cos yawnsies I gotta do laundry tomorrow.
Yeow so cool. Wow fun.

Anyway here are the pics.
So this fabric I biked over to roncy to go pick it up one morning (saw the free ad for it and went asap) and there it was along with some roman shades I didnt use cos i washed em and eh, maybe paint strips on em i dunno. but there was this huge roll of canvas fabrico that was hanging out in my apartment for like 2 some years and now here it is. In all its hopefully too hot blazing summer glory we will be experiencing soon. Cant wait to go tan and bike around and tone up. I am so lazy and heavy now from my lazy unfresh diet and not enough water drinking.
 But look! Crafts.

ok so the pole wasnt long enough (yukyuk) but what i ended up doing was inserting a chopstick on either end so it would over lap the edge and cover the whole window.
what i didnt do was add a panel across the top like i did with the other curtain that just finishes it really might do it on the front. maybe something patterned. and also I kinda want some kind of fringe. or something. lol whatever it seems to work pretty good. Would look great with spotless windows. ahh.

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