I made a curtain

And now I am going to put them up. Well I made one. It was originally tacked and suction cup hooked to the window. I know, classy. But now that I sewed the pinned fabrics together and made an actual curtain I went to the hardware store today, which was closed (thanks google) but the dollar store was open so instead bought 4 long bamboo poles for $2.50. Yeah it was great cos the poles were all bundled up in fours but they were all kind of thin except the 4 that weren't bundled up that I got and they were hella thicker. Cool!
Ya and so here is a pic of the curtain I made. Its from one yard of the eyelet and half a yard of the other cotton. I just copied a real curtain I bought at a store. How the fabric attaches to the pole. It was a little more work but it looks better when drawn, not all bunched up but kind of wavy.

pa dah!

Yeah so to attach the rod I bought some brass furniture tacks and made loops with a woven strap and tacked them to the wall-ceiling part.

Yeah I am so stoked ok I'm gonna make more for the other windows... wonder what kinds of fabrico will be nice?

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