yeah so my neighbours did move out i asked the super. i walked in to check it out, its being all cleaned up. its a 2 bedroom! damn. i wish i was in a two bedroom. during troubled times it would be easier to get a roommate if it was a two bedroom in here. damn. its the same size though, just a totally different layout. i want a two bedroom! maybe i can just get myself a new tent. i lent the tent away and it got thrown out :( thanks guys, thanks.

yeah winter sucks. i do not like it. it looks messy in the city. lol. i complain about the piles of snow instead of piles of garbage. will i ever be satisfied?

found this article and thought of some kind of super hero league of philosophers philosophizing about the morality of what would dictate news angles.
 (they could be introverted super heros i guess, or journalists with philosophy degrees? artists and general, like michael angelo and beuys)

that would be cool. here is where i got the idea

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