thought killers

ok so right now i was gonna write about bitcoin. but then google asked me if i wanted change and if i wanted to change my blogger profile into a google plus profile. and i had to stop and think about this and just why are they asking me this now, because i *just* wrote about wanting to change my profile pic? so realizing this i say out lout: thought killers.
can't you just keep everything the same for a while?
i mean seriously the time spent remembering passwords and keeping up with the login technology just kills thought.

ok and how apple has now removed bitcoin wallet apps completely from their phones.
and how russia banned bitcoin yesterday.
this article used the word deluge and i thought of all the bad apps stealing data and how that could be a problem.
what is the problem with money like this?
thought killers.

seriously the world is a great and only place to live. if the world didnt spend all its resources ruining it, imagine the quality of life worldwide. we would be an advanced world. everyone would be advanced. lol
you know what i mean?

that would be cool.

we could be all like those humanoid species on far away planets that willam shatner would go visit with spock and shit.
those planets were freaking awesome ok.

i remember one of them like, everyone is hyped to be fit, theyre all beautiful and positive. so when kirk, spock and the gang land, the humaniod beauties are like HI! Everything is awesome! Let's run! ..and they literally run to like, their leader to present the visitors. lol. Let's run! all cheerful and shit. I mean, come on. That's kinda cool.

Yeah so sometimes I think that the forces that be is this dark evil pit of bored and vapid people compressing cash into furniture they don't sit on or something.

I think having a money that you can make go around without banks is awesome.

And I think rich people should do something more with their money than compress cash into furniture they don't even sit on.

I don't have any money really but when I do I just want more of it. It's horrible. I would totally just make a little stack of it and pet it. Like a weirdo.

who knows who runs shit? these weird ways of harvesting energy = resources = cheap labour = food manufacture as opposed to harvesting renewable energy = regrowth and propagate new species = food growth = cultural labour... its easy to be idealistic. if everyone was and had a further capacity for understanding each other and themselves in that context wouldn't everything be all the more awesomer?


this is the other thing i was thinking of when i said thought killers.

nudge unit? doesn't that sound super creepy?

it sounds super sci-fi paprika/inception based and the one with the pale twin in water or is that inception? anyway yeah nudge unit in the u.k. aka behavioural science unit covert, in the public. sounds creepy. as if it doesnt exist already. snoopy much? rcmp over here (actually its something else) in a church basement?=what is seen vs what is not seen aka titanic iceberg.

because how is that any different from undercover police or government infiltrator/instigators going after organic food shops and what not?

they were acquitted but whatever. its there. been there all along most likely. wouldnt put it past the powers that nudge... or is it be?

they sure dont let anyone else be. seems like the only people who get a free ride are the mega strange things these people are against - lets look into the organic food shop down the street = no small independent businesses = everyone conform to a limited diet of regulated and altered aka patented version of the natural world as we know it and you'll feel fine.

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