How To Buy Bitcoin in Canada with your debit card (or cash)

I used and you can use your bank card with that website.

You have to get a wallet first. Thats where your bitcoin money goes.

You can get one online, say, coinbase or blockchain.

Then if you wanna use your debit card to buy bitcoins you need to be confirmed as a real person, submit your i.d's and wait a day or two and then you're set.

Send money to the bitcoin people using your online banking, give them your wallet address and then send them money by adding them as a payee and paying that way, and then its done.

I don't know how helpful this guide is lol but that's what I'm writing and I'm sticking to it.

oh yeah for cash, you can go to the bitcoin bank machine on king and spadina and then pay cash into the machine. you still need a wallet and you need a smart phone cos it uses those crossword looking things (i dont have a smart phone cos im smart) (no)

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