new money

I dunno if I've written this before, but this is a story about new money. Around 2000 I was at the beach. We met this lobsterman tryna sell us his catch of the day for some 200 pesos. We didn't have any money on hand and it was a good trek away. The guy followed us and told us about his family, eight kids, his money problems and though we didn't want the lobster because we already had food being prepared he did tell us of this new money he had and wondered if we would take it? So we walk along with him to their village and into his hut, a small wooden hut with a thatched dried grass roof and a stamped out dirt floor, pregnant wife with a cold taking care of the smallest baby with a cold too, and seven little kids all over the place what the heck? The wife goes over to show me their plastic drum where they carry their rice...and its empty. Oh, ok. So me and buddy were just looking at each other and looking around smiling saying hi, and the lobsterman comes out with the new money. He was telling us that he brought the money to the main islands mainland and still none of the money changers would change it, he even gave it to his sisters brother who went to Cebu and he came back and gave the money back, unchanged. He said hes been keeping it for this day. He gives us the money and its 20 euro. We had just started hearing about the euro. The lobsterman was telling us that a while ago during a jeepney ride some European handed him the cash when he told him of his life. I forget the details and the order but that is the story as I remember it today. Dated and signed: nicole tirona. True historical account of the reach of the Euro pre paper release in foreign country. After that its been all these different ways to process money online. And now we have again, new money. The bitcoin is a great form of new money. Imagine if all money was actually how it was conceived. Money = Money, not Money = We Print Money. You know what I mean? So, like, all the euros and all the dollars and all the yens couldn't make the world go round again. I already thought of a sci fi tangent involving all these stored keys and lost monies due to computer crashes etc that are somehow regurgitated way into the future. There is this one storage that uses radio waves? You dont even need the net to get it. So cool right? You can store your money in a usb or a safe or on a piece of paper or maybe if you are some kind of super brain that wont get amnesia you could memorize it. Yeah pretty cool huh I like the radio waves Idea. So the bitcoin is kind of different. Its like a snake chain of keys. Its still kinda fuzzy in my head but I think when i wake up tomorrow and read some more it'll be easier to absorb. So if people keep putting money into it the more it costs. Right now its a lot and growing but it doesnt look like its gomma grow anymore on this one chart I saw I do not kno. Cos there are only so many coins and they arent even all made yet cos it makes them slowly, on purpose till they are all made and then the price should stabilize or some super monster could come gobble up all the bitcoins so its kind of like a real money tracking game to see how long it takes for lame-o earth gobbler corporations from eating up all the bitcoin money.. Yeah. I dunno I'm still confused. I keep seeing these video game computer graphics of like, Mario and Luigi and the snake game on really old flip phones. So yeah mix all that together and you get how I get bitcoins. I'm in!

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