man im so pissed. all my sewing stuff smells like piss. ewwwwww its so gross!!! gak. and now i have to edit my last posts for swearing. grrrrrr :mumblesexplicitswears: (not really) but god damn why is it like this????? i don't even really have any motivation to do the dishes and now this. lol. wtc. (thats what the crap, not world trade centre ;) maybe i should come up with using new swears that dont refer to human excrement. it was the plumbers so called new pipes that messed up. suddenly i have this intense urge of wanting to see this old blog i used to read in the late 90's i guess.. this weed guy was just writing forever and i would read this incoherent rambling and i think he called marijuana funny or his pipe funny, but either way, i scratched the word funny onto this beautiful pipe my friend gave me all the way from haight - ashbury in sf. it was a metal bowl screwed onto this solid lucite or resin curved edge long rectangular piece of clear with copper glitter on the bottom with a long thin hole burrowed through the whole length into the screwed in part of the bowl. so i scratched it on the bowl. that blog was trippy ahah reading about all that guys thoughts and hanging out with his friends. fun/ oops i mean, super fun! who was he? where was he from? i dunno. im listening to molokos do you like my tight sweater right now. its sooo trippy, still. i am just amazed and always humbled by the sharp intelligence of it all. oh yeah you know what else im amazed at are the rap goofz new videos... ON TO THE VIDEOS!!!!!!! this one is on my playlist for prison reform :triestoremembertomakeprisonreformplaylist: lol this one i think is my fave ahah and thats all for now folks.

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