Damn. My closets totally flooded now. Got the other super in to fix the problem (cos the super of my building is somewhat of a deaf moron) and he broke the celing open omg and the pipes were totally spraying! Ew it smells weird in here. No wonder it smelled weird in here when I got home earlier. Fuck its so gross it smells like nasty old cement piss. Gross!!!!! An also this means... more workers up in here. I am so mad. Oh and my internet is messed up too. Aaaannnnd the commenter who found my bulul posts is that annoying freak loser matt mspaint. duh. Great. So annoying. Stalked, harassed, flooded, trolled, IS THERE NOTHING YOU NO CAN DO TORONTO? (i got that from big foot by that romulieu guy) fuck im annoyed. I need me some dominic up in here this is serious!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 ugh no seriously i am tired as fuck. i went out today. and yeah i went out last night!!!!! GASPAR! if you live in toronto you know that means i went out in negative freakin 40 wind chill factorzzzzzz shet!!!!!! i am sleepy and now i got all this crap i gotta deal with tomorrow I AM UNHAPPY AND TIRED.

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