My dear internet readers, I don't remember if you remember last summer or so, about the horrible pigeons on my balcony. They've been away but somehow last night a couple of pigeons laid an egg on it. Right on the cement. I really don't know what to do. Why would they lay an egg on the cement like that? I usually shoo them away when they bring some sticks up onto a corner. But now, its there, right on the cement. Wth. Seriously??? Right on the cement on the corner of my balcony? I go tanning on that thing. These birds are so inconsiderate lol wtf wtf wtf can you eat that egg?? Ew omg do I call the humane association, isn't a pigeon considered wildlife? Omg! Its gross cos you know its in there, all liquefied, wanting to grow, but why would they lay it on the bare cement? I don't think these pigeons know how to lay eggs. I mean, properly. There are so many other places for them to have done this. I mean, I see abandoned spaces all the time!!! I'm so disappointed with these birds. They don't seem to be bringing any more leaves. I saw one bringing a leaf and shooed it away. I didn't want to encourage them and I feel bad because its as if they thought I was providing them a space! I can't speak pigeon and tbh, I don't think they were thinking of my feelings either. How can I go hang out there now? So my dearest internet reader, I haven't written in a while and I'll be doing some fairs soon. Also I haven't looked on here in ages and I drafted some posts that were draft material. Hope to post some pics soon and report on the calendar production. Its going to have to be a fill in calendar. freakin self directed projects LOL!!! I try. I really do. But this egg, and I wanted to go buy some the other day too but this is really turning me off to the idea of them in general. Damn. Ok xo, nicole

summer shows for Its Your Life

IYL is pleased to be doing the liberty village art crawl ! 

August 09-10th 2013
 Entertainment District Urban Exhibit (art crawl)
Toronto Food Tucks and live music at this location!

 August 17 2013
 CityFest - City Place- Canoe Landing Park
There will be live music, Toronto Food trucks, and interactive game corner as well as an Art Corner.

September 13-14th 2013
Liberty Village Art Crawl - Fall Edition!