Yahoo mail

Yaho mail you suck. Im so mad!!!!! I hate how they are trying to look like gmail. It is soooo annoying. Im not even going to start what I dont like about gmail. But let me start by saying how much i loved the old yahoo mail change (even after i totally hated it the first time they changed it) first of all ive been with yahoo mail for over 15 years. thats a long damn time. im used to the layout. a lot. so it really hurt my feelings when they changed it the last time. then they changed it again not long after to the shitty interface it is now. WTF thats 2 changes in 15 years and the last two were within a year or two years. SERIOUSLY this madness of always being new new new has got to stop!!!!!!!!! when did it become cool to keep changing something that worked perfectly fine? i bet that started and then the world became the similacra of its former strong and working glory. no, really.

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