The New Dark Ages

lol at my last posts... hmmm no wonder ive been away. all there are out there are hackers, trolls and stalking debt collectors. gee whiz!!!!! wtf. i was thinking like with the power outage here in the city for some parts for days since that ice storm like i mean this time in life is really ripe for a new era of the DARK AGES i mean seriously no one knows how to do anything from scratch anymore without using the net. right? ok go. not going. im gonna start collecting books on how to do things and science books etc. and stuff of basic medicine and body parts and like you know, stuff like how to sew up a deep gash, how to disinfect dirty water, how to rewire a lamp, fix stuff. you know what i mean? cos like one day these jerks could turn off the electricity and internet and the whole western world would be fucked. we would all go retarded and then what. the dark ages. we would all die of misdisinfected utensils and rat poo. or something retarded like a deep cut that wasnt sewn together properly. cos there wouldnt be a hospital cos it would be the dark ages.

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