carrot cake

You guys!!!! It's almost 2014 what the heck? Ok so I'm on here cos I'm trying to find pics of my old work and I can't find the sarimanok pics or the bulul pics. Where are they??? I know I had pics of them from the show I did when I was in school. mmmm..... Oh yeah so tonight I'm going to make a carrot cake. Maybe. Will see if I find the inspiration. Yes. Oh yeah Im finally divorced. Yipee! I'm never marrying anyone out of pity ever again! WTF! That was a serious waste of life. I could have a really nice boyfriend and a really good life right now but I chose to help a dirtbag who didn't deserve my help. Such is life. Then I decided to stop writing on here and instead took up the most useless penpal in the world who also turned out to be a total moron!!! Sheesh!!! When will the idiocy end????????????/ I do not know. So yeah.. I left my mac charger in Montreal and the one I got on ebay from china broke in like 2 months. GO FIGURE so even if I do make this super delicious carrot cake I wont get to post pics cos Im using this really old ass pc and it bugs me how Im such a computer illiterate. See now here if I had a nice boyfriend and nice life NONE OF THIS WOULD HAVE EVER HAPPEND TO ME. Yeah, I know, you might think, Nicole, its ok, everything will be ok. But its the furthest from the truth and quite frankly I abhor liars. And lack of spell check. ON TO THE CAKE!

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