Necklace Give Away (help me search my blog)

the lack of TAGS and LABLES and TITLES on this damn blog is MADDENING i cant find the SARIMANOK pics or if I have any of the large BULUL pics gah!!!!!!!!!!!!! if anyone can find these pics on this blog i will send you 5 amazing necklaces (maybe more) and a pouch. PROMISE. pls email me the links asap (see profile for email) ps. blogger why isnt the search box working properly, as in, it doesnt come up with any results and just loads into my blog page like it is before i tried searching for anything. has the search box worked for anyone, ever? i think it worked years ago. maybe. EDIT omg!!!!!! someone commented on the missing posts and i got them in my email woohoo!!!!!!! so awesome!!!!!!!!!!!! but its only cool if its NOT matt mspaint OK lol you will never be forgiven for trolling me you freak. but anyway yeah SO COOL woo :) oh and also unknown person if you send me an address i can send you your prize! and if you dont want necklaces i can send you something else. xo

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