My dear internet readers, I don't remember if you remember last summer or so, about the horrible pigeons on my balcony. They've been away but somehow last night a couple of pigeons laid an egg on it. Right on the cement. I really don't know what to do. Why would they lay an egg on the cement like that? I usually shoo them away when they bring some sticks up onto a corner. But now, its there, right on the cement. Wth. Seriously??? Right on the cement on the corner of my balcony? I go tanning on that thing. These birds are so inconsiderate lol wtf wtf wtf can you eat that egg?? Ew omg do I call the humane association, isn't a pigeon considered wildlife? Omg! Its gross cos you know its in there, all liquefied, wanting to grow, but why would they lay it on the bare cement? I don't think these pigeons know how to lay eggs. I mean, properly. There are so many other places for them to have done this. I mean, I see abandoned spaces all the time!!! I'm so disappointed with these birds. They don't seem to be bringing any more leaves. I saw one bringing a leaf and shooed it away. I didn't want to encourage them and I feel bad because its as if they thought I was providing them a space! I can't speak pigeon and tbh, I don't think they were thinking of my feelings either. How can I go hang out there now? So my dearest internet reader, I haven't written in a while and I'll be doing some fairs soon. Also I haven't looked on here in ages and I drafted some posts that were draft material. Hope to post some pics soon and report on the calendar production. Its going to have to be a fill in calendar. freakin self directed projects LOL!!! I try. I really do. But this egg, and I wanted to go buy some the other day too but this is really turning me off to the idea of them in general. Damn. Ok xo, nicole

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