the underground

it was only 80 cents

Welcome to the underground
this is the place we make the sounds that no one hears
We write those songs you think you've heard
but can't quite place
in other words...we're pioneers
Some of us thrive on rejection
we see through different ears
Some of us strive for perfection
Some of us make believe we're already there

Welcome to our lonely rooms,
this is the place we paid our dues, when they say don't
Perhaps this wasn't meant for you,
Perhaps you should go back to school... perhaps we won't
It's true we don't make much money
But still we'd like to be clear
At least we're not trying to sell you
something we ourselves would not want to hear

So, welcome to my mortal bliss
where dreams find wings in 4 track hiss then fly around.
On dusty wheels & crinkled tape
the poison songs each pollinate a face of frowns
Unless you're planning on sorrow
the future will only let you down
I'd trade all my tomorrows
for an extended stay at the here & now

Cause if I touched everyone on earth
I would have very little worth
in the underground

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