my friend lent me her the doors cd, the best of the doors, i think this was the exact same album i had, i only had "the best of". people are strange, strange days, the crystal ship..all of these songs, so deep in my memory. i always say strange days! man, life blows sometimes. like today i had a total spazz fest brought upon by visa and the bank so i just freaked out, hyperventilated, cried a lot and closed my account! i told the poor tellers, this stress makes me wanna not make any money at all, trade with everyone, join a commune somewhere!! seriously. but also, i think im gonna change my name. then i can have two. one for canada. so now i need to open another bank account which annoys the heck out of me. why cant you just have one thing, forever, and it always works? boo. oh yes yes the banks say it is completely my fault. cool! excellent. so i say yes, please blame everything on me. it is my fault after all. yup.

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