ill be selling my stuff in parkdale today for a few hours. did the same yesterday, theres some kind of event in the hood. it wasnt very busy. i suppose everyone went to 420 rallies. i actually bought a ticket to go on a bus trip to ottawa and protest there but i decided it would be better to stay and try to make money, i didnt resell my ticket cos i didnt really feel anyone would buy it from me. for some reason i dont really feel like they think i am a part of their efforts. i suppose its residue from when i started, i felt like as if making any form of money during activism is taboo. i dont really know why. i dont think its normal for any activist to want to make money while supporting their cause. not really sure how that works. i changed the calendar idea to artists illustrations. these artists are biggie timee and the reach of the calendar will be much much further involving these people. not only does each artist have their huge following, they are also from all over north america. i just thought of asking my buddy in san diego so i also have west coast u.s. to distribute to. yes! meanwhile, im so tired these days and have been laying low. changing my scene and hoping for the best.


  1. Greetings from Confidants in Manila :) perpetual motion drumming over smoke and fire. Email me thelastigforest@Gmail

  2. cool.
    i just saw this comment now.