I am seeking a new center. Who are we?

To be honest I don't really care what people think, but there is always that nagging whisper, whispering projcted reactions and imagined scenarios regarding the event or situation at hand. The only thing that gives me pause is the fear put in me by my moral dictator. This moral dictator is growing so weak, it was never strong to begin with because I am my own person after all. This moral dictator is the only reason these nagging feelings and feelings of the need to be absolved of evil or sin exist. It must come from childhood religious brainwash and societal norms fed by the media and popular culture at large. The original concept of family is at risk in todays society. This is the main cause of my already failing moral dictators decline. Another cause is the fact that all recent relationships have been tests and gauges of the new moral dictator surfacing in myself. When this new moral dictator finalizes its form, it will absolutely supplant the previous place of the declining dictator. The care taken here before this new formation arises must be carefully studied and compared to previous powers. Weighing cons with pros and nos with yeses, this new moral dictator is seeking a new center. These centers are often found outside the body and dependant on the foundation laid by previous and current supplanters. 

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