so theres a new its your life member, lyndl. well, shes the only other member aside from myself lol. shes been learning how everything goes down and has made a few pieces and learned how to put stuff up on the website. she interested in relaunching its your life and its sparked my re-interest as well. so as she is learning, we are applying to fairs and adding new pieces to the website. were splitting the funds so support us cos were cool chicks.

my summer plans are kind of strange. and everything is so nebulous but i think the main point is i dont have any identity. its expired. why is travelling so difficult. if i was the pope i could go anywhere without a passport. but i think he might have his own plane or something like that. im not sure. oh yeah. so i have the place to myself again (that was majorly crazy) and ive been trying to fix it again. its better and ive done a new arrangement with the sewing desk. im so whirl winded with all these funny and difficult plans to get back home. i need to make way more money before i think of going and it matches up with my identity in the mail, and current lack of applied business acumen. so with lyndl, and the timing of this paperwork and the summer coming up, i hope i can make a business again out of my business and now have lyndl too, to inspire and be inspired by.
i got a new pc laptop computer and was thinking of loading it up with programs and then possibly bringing it to the philippines for cherry and josh. if i got a webcam and paid their internet connection they could communicate with me on their progress etc. also i have a registered business down there and was thinking of getting a business bank account and they could handle that, paypal funds could go to it and it could be good. so thats one of the funny plans. guess none of them are really difficult. i just get stressed. anyway so today i dont really have any plans but fixing up my place so i feel comfortable again in it. how did i come up with so much stuff anyway? :D

meanwhile, i went to montreal and niagara falls and here are a few pictures.
montreal was great, saw tina and we got to talk and reconnect. i miss everyone, as usual.
the arts in old montreal and the door, thats the ND door.

so this paste up says "what if love ruled the world?"

gossip girls.. thats me and tina but rina was missing...
notre damn... the ND door. impressive, heavy looking and formidable. it was 5 bucks to go into the church so we didnt go.

                                         the falls, and the rainbow bridge to the u.s.

theres a place called goat island over in the states where you look at the falls from there but canada got the best view. so i was thinking of drawing this...

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