here are a couple pieces i had lyndl do, and she also practiced her photography and color correction and resizing :)

this piece i had her re assemble or something. i wasnt sure about it before but looking at it on someone made me like all the more
 this is the piece lyndl made, i had her copy the old seahorse pieces with whatever we had lying around and she came up with this piece. she made two and they are on the website.

in my stuff, theres loads of necklaces that didnt sell or even get shown. like this one was in a box of supplies :p

 this one is my current fave called the dream weaver necklace and was thinking of dream catchers cos i made a couple last year and thought of making it into a necklace somehow.
there are a few more pieces i need to put up and a bunch listing errors i need to fix which i dont really want to tackle right now lol so meanwhile its saturday spring cleanish...

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