ughh so lazy damn. im sitting in the stairwell, my ass is flattening as we speak. i just sat up a bit for my posture, but now i can feel the cement on my butt bones. i should go to the back doctor. seriously. anyway i meant to post the posters up but all ive done so far is come to the stairwell to find a bunch of things to read online, go back inside, make and eat food and rearrange my living area / bed and studio, again. but i swear this times the best. although now, i have this useless bed frame i took off to save a few inces...which totally worked out cos i was able to put the vintage chest beside the bed. oh yes. but it a huge, cumbersome excessive piece of wood, and useless, and it broke really easily anyway just because it was so unmanageable and its quite untakeapartable. seriously is this thing ikea? beggars cant be choosers i guess. a lady "gave" me this bed. brought stuff to pretty freedom the other day and need to finish the bracelets im making now (they are say, 65% done, 5 of them) and hmm. yeah i should resize the posters and come back here. i was thinking of seriously setting up camp but its kinda lonely in the stairwell and.. hard. really hard. i need a seat. i wish i was doing this fair and these are what i just read well, im gonna go read the second one and go to bed. and ill post the posters tomorrow. promise. also, nurse caps? soon. and, maybe, a new iyl co-operator. member. the first?

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