ugh. you guuuyyyyssssss. yeah well my new imaginary boyfriend totally dumped me after i encouraged him to go out with another chick. im such an idiot. so now i have no one to inspire me to do that calendar with or to go back to van anytime soon. cos my dads bday is too soon and no money and definitely no inspiration. ugh. seriously life??? i dont even know why i even fuckin bother. guys are such shits anyway. well maybe cept those who write me poems. so im making some stuff... new necklace design it is so gorgeous. lyndl assembled two. and i need to make something else for it.. and also the pothead head thingies... im making them now but i nee to buy a glue gun. the lighter thing would work but im currently using two broken lighters. so its a hassle. im forlorn and depressed. even if  i never met the guy i was relly excited to have someone to inspire me to do the calendar. dratissimo!!!!!!! also, i realized the other day i dont go any of the rallies. im not a real activist lol.
ok ill come back in a better mood with pics of the helmet thingy base and maybe my poetry reply.

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