so the other day i met up with this nice activist lady from montreal who wanted to make these custom costume hats.. hehe they are pretty funny and ill post pics of the process while its coming along. she wanted them to be paper mache and ill see what ill end up doing cos i have all this felt in the right colors.

meanwhile some guy on facebook has decided to take on the responsibility of being my poetry partner. but these are 18+ poems ok.


so here is his and ill let it stew in my head while i think of a reply. its kinda different style.. he is a writer for t.v. out in vancouver.
oh well let me start with the first two and then his new one...
and actually, ill stop writing to my imaginary boyfriend. cos i broke up with him. well, i told my imaginary boyfriend that i got a new boyfriend (also imaginary) and hes off the hook. then, i called him out on some stuff, then he blocked me. go figure. then i told my dad about the new imaginary boyfriend and he told me i always use the word love when i should use the word infatuated. so i said ok whatever. im infatuated with my new boyfriend. i just hope he is real and i that i shake the feeling that he is some kind of imaginary person. haha and no i am not crazy you just dont understand my language. so now back to real life. le sigh...
on to the poetry!


When I met you I was air, condensing into cloud
And you were stoic mountain
Bearing the strain of continental shift.
I told you I wanted to tit fuck your perfect, lofty peaks
And despite your smile, I knew
You were offended by the ether of my reality, 
Even mocked my lack of substance. 
In your mind, air is beta, something lesser than
Great Ape, or the fire that made your form.
In my mind, we are equal, and if anyone is capable of sliding
Between your jagged curves
It’s me.


Your jest super sized me and
your moves moved me
to this level of content.
Aloft upon this continent, the net we make,
I weave, you breed.
Ride me, slide me, my mountains meet your wordsmith and
strike your sword hard.
Hear my sound twang in your wake.
Bake me and I'll stoke the fire you stroke in me,
indeed we are twins fraternal,
unknown mothers and fathers absent,
falling into each others depths,
ex's and whys have no comparison to our companion, union.
You and I make a great pair, pare the cobble, core the apple, behold, our saviours have risen!


like syrup drips,
on parted
the sugars rush and
Trigger to trip your chicklet teeth.
You are stoned and selfless,
Lounging, lacka-, lovely-
immersed in
the universal
With painted toes
on a glass table,
You allow your thighs to
and push
a mouthful of
smoke against the ceiling.
The electrons in your room breathe
a sigh of sin,
and I am
of them,
Heady with mushroom
and cloud that grins.
An invisible
a mouth made of mist,
That sips,
sips --
While your fingers
dance and dip
into your

(wrote a reply in the post called 'as i sit and wonder')

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