Politits Art Work Its!

*new* links added to the titles. click on links to go to shop listing (the pics are still kinda messed up cos i named them all wrong ill be updating that in a bit)

"Look Out For It"


"Yeah You Know Me" aka "I Thought The OP Was Owen Pallet"

"Waffles Unknown Person"

"MJ Nice Guy"

"Scream, Who Are They?"



"Control Me Control You"

"Did You Say Chardonnay?"

"Should've Believed You"

"Come Back"


ok so these are $5 each pick up and ill put them up online later (they $7 online) (have to finish my laundry and eat something goddamn i am so hungry again. i just wanna eat pizza but should proly make something. i bought some chickens and i wanted to make fried chicken or adobo or something like that. i kinda wanted to make hainanese chicken but fried chicken and just have the broth rice and cabbage soup and the ginger, soy sauce and chili dip. mmm damn thinking about it already i just wanna go home and do that now.

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