i want to see you again

You mock and taunt me love.
How it pains me not to see you.
You think I am strong, you find me beautiful,
 you say love had no meaning before 
You met me-and boom, thwack! Its whack.

Abandoned, my life crumpled, slumped to the floor. I lay desolate, 
couldn't take it anymore.
Constancy with no anchor, how can this force be measured?
Scale me, manipulate me, rotate me to calm?
Imprison me, reason with me, beckon me to beacon?
Stop this madness and awaken me to a plate of bacon.

I am tired, the ache of my heart does not compare to this dull pain-
pages of inquest have yet to seek the source…
Mysterious misery unbridled leads to instability, simplicity.
The complicit happy hippy I am disgusts me. 
Make me love me.
Love me, caress me, embrace me- 
My body, my lips, my mind, my race.
Welcome me, show me, lead me to your place.
I want to see you again and kiss your face.

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