i hate valentines day. gawd why is it so damn awful all the time?? i think the last valentines day i totally remember is that one time simon bought me a cake and it was inscribed happy valentines day mini bear in red icing. its on here somewhere…. that was decades ago ffs!! shit. i don't even have my poetry partner to write to. i haven't written a poem in ages and its pissing me off. oh but i thought of a great idea for calendar. and there way too many hot guys on the internet to look at while i day dream about my plans to save the world. fuck. ok and also, im reading on the road and it makes me wanna go on a road trip to vancouver and look for this guy joe i knew when i was 23 cos i wanna say hi to him and also id like to visit my old friends in town and the new ones from the mmar coalition. damnit. i fucking hate valentines day!!!!! its *the* only day allotted on the year for love and you know how i love love and its like, the only thing i want, but these past two valentines SUCK BALLSAX :quesax: (to note, auto correct auto corrected :quesax: to :queasy: que easy??? really life???? REALLY???? so yeah. im gonna try to write a poem for fucking valentines day ok.

dear valentines day,

you suck.



no, seriously. let me try to cheer up some more. and ill write a love poem for all ages. nicole pinky swear promiz 

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