how to make a costume hat

so im making this pothead thing. its pretty tripppyyyy i love it.
here are the pics so far. its getting dark so i wont take any more but im on to adding the greenery.
good thing my EX-imaginary-marijuana-boyfriend (ehem,cough,cough) friend sent me beautiful bud pics so i am copying what the plant looks like and translating it into fabric. and plastic. i bought a fake plant at the dollar store.

first i made this wire thing. its meant to be a clay pot.
hah my face. i should wear my retainer again. my freakin snout.
so here it is just the wire

then i covered it in fiber fill, but i forgot to add the top part.. you'll see...

so here it is covered, with the top part:

 materials are wire, chicken wire, cutting tool, flat nose, fiber fill, needle thread and masking tape

then i added the top part, the actual plant part with the wire (19 guage)

and now covering it and making the buds!!

woops edit! it was too tall haha so i made it shorter.

then i added these fake plastic branchy things

here im sewing leaves and i made these pompom buds out of some fancy yarn

 this is my buddy mark helping me make pompoms

this is kinda what i was thinking it would look like. im going to make a lot more leaves and i hope it looks realistic lol

kinda funny, right?

ill update again tomorrow, i plan on on finishing the pot part.
ok so i redid the whole thing, well the plant part. i wasnt too sure and then, my revolutionary boy said it looked like outdoor, mexican brick weed lol

so i bought a different yarn color and ditched the mini tree cos everyone knows marijuana plants dont have little leaves like that, and i just i made a huuuge bud.

i redid the leaves too. the fabric is this super fray crap ribbon, so i folded it in two and sewed finer leaves, no zig zag, and also fray stopped it. what a pain, better to get better fabric, but this ribbon was a great colour and it had a nice sheen like trichromes

these are the new leaves

so that was before i glued everything together
and here is it finished, the protoype and i can make another from the materials i still have.

i need to make patterns is what i learned. duh. i shouldve known better, also i didnt strengthen it as much as the first plant exploration, so i need to reinforce it as canna therapeutic requested it be strong enough to withstand strong winds!

i had some really nice pics to refer to and im looking forward to making the first one off the pattern.

pic of me wearing tomorrow its too dark now the ones i have are no good ;D

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