heres a love poem... copied mine one off this other one called  sweet delightful one. i mean, copied its line formation and themes. wait, i didnt copy it, i replied to it. there. so this first one is the one i found and the second poem is the one i wrote in reply.


sweet delightful one 

Oh your body, like a grape, like an apple, 
you are a woman with your white hills and white thighs,
you look like a world waiting in sweet surrender,
a smooth runway I navigate through mist and bright lights!!

Your hips entice me as wind tossed wheat stalks waving golden!!
My desire like a mole wants to dig into your moist earth,
dig into your morbid roots, break open those silent seeds.

Before you came along I was alone like an island
even the birds had deserted my oasis
to survive I had to forge you like a weapon
an arrow twanging from my bow hitting your hot spot!

O your body of skin, moss, leaf, olive, orange, and salt 
O those breasts like moons swimming in round dreams
O your eyes of absence and ecstacy when you lie there 
naked and serene - satisfied and complete

O woman of soft sand I have come awash on your shores
like a lone wave from the worlds prison and monotony
my thirst, my boundless desire for you
all my rabid rivers flow into your oceans grip!



As metal is heated and cooled
My spirit forms into your yearning.
This world of blossoms, perfume and music
Rosy and glowing, awaits your majestic ingress!!

Oh my king, my temple, our cloud of union
Have you found solace in my abode?
I cherish the very wisp of your fallen ash.

This fertilizer, your seed, my moisture
Against each other we pulse with the rhythm of our blood
Drawing in and cascading out, probing and alive
The rain washes our sands and cracks fill and seal.

Beloved mastermind, lover, prince, king, priest and brother
Your patience has no limit, allow me to dip further into you
Let me taste your words as they caress me, bless me
 With your strength, cover me with your kindness.

My monarch, my nature. This beast within me
Unleash my passions onto you, grant me the liberty.
Stroke my pelt and smooth my character, prepare me
While I ravage your chest, your face, your groin, your neck!!


and then after a few more writings to "each other" i think the anon posting replying crashed burned and fizzled. so yeah who knows if the cereal will continue... i bought almond milk last night though... and was thinking i can eat serial again!

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