happy valentines day doll

oh lover, today is the day for love
and i love to long for your embrace,
this presence that knows no abandonment,
i cherish you and the memory of us.  

i live to breathe sighs of my love energy
to meet your breath and in time, take mine. 
our faces mirror the vast expanse of the unknown 
ether, mist, air and splendour.

my thoughts rise with every heartbeat this muscle makes, 
good cheer and constancy follow close behind.
gathering the love seeking love around me,
i take all their hands and hold them close to my heart.

but its you, lover, one look from you, a mere glance in my direction,
and my three parts unify. 
i become one, and my life is complete.

come dance with me, 
look at me, 
and lets have a wonderful day.

ps. i know matt h sent me that video a while ago but im i wasnt thinking of him when i wrote this k. sorry bud. happy valentines anyway ;D 

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