i just realized that the posters have swear words on them and maybe i should indicate that section is 18+
so im going to try and fix the pics on the site again. hmm. i really doubt anyone will buy my conceptual art school confidential politit posters. they are kind of weird. im such a weirdo haha!!
but whatever, game on. my new intern lyndl is super awesome and she made two cluster necklaces last night. yup. my valentines date with creativity and business propagation.
also, today, i had this thought.. if you meet someone and they instantly remind you of someone in your past (good or bad) should you go on that feeling, that bodily reaction-recommendation? i would always give the person the benefit of the doubt but today i experienced an interaction that reaffirmed in me to keep listening to myself tell me what is happening while it is happening. that if i feel like someone reminds me of someone else, to look at why. is it how they look? how they talk? or is it their vibes. when its vibes, listen all the more closely. save yourself the trouble, or find yourself a treasure.

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