My lover, my favourite boy, my most cherished memory…
Forgive me.
I fell over you today, as I do all days, I seek you without meaning to.
As you well know, everything reminds me of you, 
Going through the city is like walking through a play where
You are the director, the ghost writer, the star player in disguise.
I am your captivated audience, your captive, your half full cup
To the brim I tip my cap to you, kind sir.
Your patience and your understanding of this insanity called love
Mystifies me. 
You scholar, school me!!
Ive been bad, vacillating, overwhelmed. 
Strengthen me, prepare me for our dreams, 
I remember the first rhymes we sang each other
I was not ready then and you were so clever.
Still, now, I beg you to stay while running away. Silently,
My heart cries in anguish when my minds tells it to go.
So Im here, again, telling you to tell me, reminding you to remind me,
Love is real.
I feel it for you everyday. 

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