as i sit and wonder

the smoke blows towards the window
to the lake,
mingles with steam pipes and breath 
and meets you.
comes inside of you and intoxicates you.
your blood warms and 
lively are its cells filled with my essence.

your viking ship sails by my port-
you dock into me.

as i watch your approach i see your wooden planks.
aged, painted, 
bored portholes seeking a view.


lets do this another way today. 
this way, or stoned you shall be,
as we travel the lost highway.


i look around, i look at you
and put a blanket over your face!
i cover you in darkness and tell you to pray
i tell you to lie down, be still, worship me and obey!

would you believe in me? 
if you do, i'll set you free.
no passed words, no locks,
you can do what you want,
saint peter has nothing on mohammed! 


this bet is ours, the bed is sour. 
the glass is piled with books of nonsensical chatter.
clutter and dust! the mist i exhale adds onto this lust,
for passions unrivalled, unlimited. No trust
is needed for this type of ride to our freedom.

A token, a nickel, a dime-
rounded off to the closest 5.
ridiculous! and what of the saying, rubbing together?
phrases and ideas absurd, please surrender. 

bring another, drinks on me, feed me your words
your thoughts, ideas and splendour.
i need it, i want it, i demand for no other! More of
living with honesty and strife!
the struggle, you hear? is what makes this so dear
to my heart, my face, my age, my page,
alights from no stopover flights!
around the world in 8 days.

the extra one for going backwards in time.

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