unknown lover

and i still love you
to this day, this hour, this moment in time.
like all moments, my love seeks to meet yours
and dance and embrace, make love and smile
those smiles that come from the deepest part of our
intricate workings of thought of memory
are the best.
aren't they?
when you're hanging by yourself,
thinking of that person who had you laughing at hello,
those smiles are the best.
and its so rare to find that memory, that time, those others.
now, my love, you are my thoughts.
with no proof, its called madness!
i cant further humiliate myself by submitting my petition for more.
so to keep my head high, i left, but what it did actually was sink my heart with doubt
of myself, and you.
to keep the love alive requires two.
reality steps in and it tells me to view
this life and that, the one we had, the one we left behind.
we both felt it, and we both dissed it.
not knowing the other persons capability and loyalty its easy to assume their infidelity.
but what is cheating if we were never true.
now a year has passed and all i want is you.
i don't look for you anymore, i couldn't find you.
you don't want to be found, no one knows you.
no one wants to tell me who you are.
i found you inside yourself as you found me.
that first look, we locked.
did i tell you?
i never felt this type of love before till i met you.

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