spiders and robots

so i think ive been talking to robots this whole time. as in, bots. computers. wtf.
apparently i can do whatever the fuck i want and nothing happens anyway i decide to do or experience something. my scandalous speak is pretty much a front, im pretty weak and super mild compared to real deals. if people fail to see that and label me wicked and touched by the devil, i invite them to take a look at the lurking evils right under their noses. is it really as bad as i, shocking you with what is out there? i cant even do the craziest shit that i want to in fear of retribution by my peers and society, but then i realize who are these so called peers and what society? are they really my peers? society by definition entails a community and constitutions and criminals. the ones i value are not these that trigger retributional character adjustments! if anything the true self emerges with honest friendship, and that is something that my true friends understand. how many stories can you tell me till i die of laughter? if you can tell at least 20 in the time we know each other, than maybe we can be friends. but if your time with me consists of wasting it and torturing yourself by instigating your self resentment and directing it towards my precociousness, i invite you to listen to yourself. its difficult to understand how much impact one has on another until you really take the time and think about it.
this day and age and all that, is the time to reconnect to humans and the human experience. when and why are we so alienated by our neighbours? what is this difference? and what of the people in our immediate surroundings? no more friendly hellos, acknowledgement of the other? the crap media pours downs our throats and the so called nourishment we buy on shelves is actually poison, the water we drink, the thoughts they make us think, is it all to dumb us down, to keep us divided? what of the social casualties depicted as "the most important thing to focus on"in society? a sudden boob, lip syncing, drunk driving celebrities, these are important they are given prime time and we are made to focus on them. i know nothing of politics but is this what people really want to focus on? the things that bother me are things within that need a new spin. the things that bother me, as stated earlier and mainly linked with personal feelings of mal-acceptance by the society, the community. im not really sure where im going with this, i imagine a few years from now ill read this again and go wtf was i thinking of... anyway i hope you all have a good evening.

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