i am a cereal

so i woke up one day and thought hey i can say what i like as long as it is in the right context and well understood.
so i replied to some poems and thought hey this is EXCELLENT and then i replied to a compliement (on email) and then all my poem replies got flagged. WTF so im reposting the thing here. i dont know who the other person im writing to is but im posting it here cos they match up and this space is carved out for my mind and its inspirations, thoughts, musings and ramblings.
modern day griffin and sabine? or sheldon and lavine?

can i be the auteur of my own life?
i posit the question to you, my favorite post-it.
i know its already happening anyway.
quite spectacular, this oracular tabernacle
that our lives are, connected, entwined
the threads through all hearts, yours and mine.

faith, trust and honesty are very difficult to achieve.
Understand i do not still my troubled waters at bay.
awaiting a homecoming, frightened and at a constant despair.
i flare my nostrils, wear bell bottoms and in a trance,
eyes closed to our magic dance, set sight upon our garden lair.

i pray to saint antony all the time.
lets hope he picks up on these prayers... 

O my love, it's our harvest that we gather in now when we are together :

the sap flowing from your sensual mouth, the salt from sea's rising of swollen lips,

the dreams flickering on/off like a candle burning all night in your eyes;

all this consumes me, all this renews me, all this does whatever it wants with me

and without complaining - a prisoner dancing in his chains, opts to sing hymns to you! - 

of your heart, your soul - to what can I compare these spicy riches of arabia to?

the sweet juices of fruit, the fragrance of flowers??

the blessings of prayer? the peace of mystics from up high? 

all of those and more!!
i too long for praises and songs
to hear your sweet laughter and commentary on this life 

this life we live, to mock and cherish and scorn and feel the life cursing through our veins!!!

vampires! ghosts! monsters! ghouls! 

all of these creature are so delicate and loving. 

but none of them are as sweet as you, my love,
with you to refer to i soar and catch up to your visions unrivalled and mirroring mine.

my hand is yours! i live with your heart! 

O my sweet love! We'll make the myths - we'll rise above the tides, we'll drink from moon's cup!

If you're that sea of swelling sighs - then I'm the tempest of a roaring lion come intrepidly in your mists!!

If you can imagine this sweetheart : with all the longing in your heart and harp strings :

your breasts, like juicy ripe grapes, almost bursting from their thin membrane like skins!!

and me - a mounting desire of stampeding wild horses!! - a winepress in your orchard!!


The pages are set!! The stage is turned!! 
Press into me beloved, let me feel your hard wood wine press my grapes and flowers into a sweet nectar reserved for the gods we are!!
Drink from my cup as I drink from your endless flow of mystical aspirations and medical miracles!!
Let them marvel at our accomplishment, let them bask in their sunburn; our brand of love is dependable, wild, fantastic and unheard of!!
Lover of mine, owner of my heart, play my string, fiddle my switch, graze my mountains with your raspy cheeks!! 
Shave off the excess, balance the scales, make everything come alive with meaning!! 
Supreme being, if there was humility in my heart I would have not persisted with this long, but as you well know I do hold myself in high esteem!!
To implore you consistently to come visit me must be insulting to your generosity, yet I crave your companionship incessantly. 
Please advise me lover, how can I reach that vernal equinox in time for a homecoming? 
My love for you is strong!! 
I roar back, bellowing and gale forces be with you!!

my pride and joy - golden eagle perched on high, eyes spiked with desire, alerted to tasty lamb - talons clammy and edged for flight

its peak winter now and my 'pride' seeks sunnier climes to feed on a ferocious diet of beaver and juicy lamb meat !!

so 'lifting off' - the air around suddenly expands into bellowing gulfs of oceanic wave and wind - a Poseidon of exuberant prodigy and passion!

before heading 'south' though, I'll frolick awhile on top of those lovely lush breezy-topped hills - child-like and in wonder let me play truant

ingratiating this whim, fall with the herd in 'grazing' with delight your wheat golden great plains - dusk draws near to border, an olive and sipping on martini's,

night descends now like a shadow - the serpents scales peel off - one by one - wisping tongue of fire and ice, ready to ambush

your grotto's entry - feel love, how it slithers down your valleys deep - feel my sweets, it sliding into the sanctuary of all sanctuaries!!! 

Creature of my life, my spirit, my daze!!
Delight in my admiration, our night has arrived. I sigh and languish in your ardor.
Slowly I smoothen the sheets with my soft caresses
over our bodies a light mist of our essence mingles together forming an intoxicating atmosphere of seraphic splendour…
Feeling my way through your forest, delicately I pause to catch my breath, how I love you, your sweetness has no comparison. 
Heady and head strong, drunk on your imagery, we build a totem for our dreams.
With this totem I ask you to pleasure my valley, east and west, I nod in favour of your flavours. 
Drink me as I drink you, throw me no longer as I ask you to descend my grotto, fill it with your prayers, sing hymns and don't stop, keep on and please I beg you to wait for me as I come and you wait again as you wash your self in me
Like a swallow sings, I soar as your clouds  drain into my chambers, I gasp as I cast the windows of my soul to the variation of life that you stand behind.
Oh lover I am dizzy with you, staggering to my bed, I shall have a new tale to tell you in the morning. 
I kiss your lips softly and whisper good night.
Sighing, content and very much in love, I place my arm across your chest, my head in that nook, i close my eyes and breathe to dream...

island of nightingales

i would have you know
the blood that moves through your language
moves through mine too
and that flaming heart 
that gives its utterance
is ours alone
reaching out to your deep
I strum on mandolins and sing 
for this joy is ours alone


the nightingale and the singer 

when still, i feel you. 
dancing all around me i am enchanted with the elixir of love,
our potion. our daily drink from life's fountain. 
you play truant to my body and my ears strain the noise to catch any wind of you
to fly my sails across the lake, to soar this glider to higher 
pasteurs to graze.
the lion roars, the seals bark, the whale pitches his sonic waves
and they resonate in the depths of our ocean.
you rule with the fork in the road to teach us how to step toward our goals.
lover, have you forgiven me as i have you,
will our dawn rise again in each others arms?
tell me, i implore you, show mercy to my youthfulness and ignorance of time.

seminar school (loving st)

Your body : a sail spread over my sun drenched waters
your bow and stern, piercing my borders farthest reach.

before coming to : soft caresses and kisses by you
awake me and lay me down again, safe in your port.

O you my fury, you my patience
tell me what the hell I'm doing here

Why do I need you so much? Who are you really?
silent one, naked one, forever running thru me;

for I want to fill myself on this passion's fruit
so only as to cover you, so only as to finish you

with a kisssssssssss


who am i you ask?
why do you come here, why do you?
with every search, every peak, every luke warm peer you seek me
through my eyes you see me looking at you.
i am you and you are me.
its ancient wisdom we have stumbled upon. known for years,
this knowledge is suppressed by pills, 
concoctions and spells of the evil greedy pigs.
now i waste away alone, with you.
the split fork sparked my deepest wish, I fell in love.
with you, of course and with life, i had forgotten it was so beautiful.
shake the sleep off my eyes, feed me fresh fruit.
enliven me, clarify my confusion….
my sole elucidation awaits your presence, my king, my saviour. 
I know no religion but love.

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