rockyfistscats where are you buddy? some of the tracks you introduced me to play on my list and i think about you sometimes. you used to send me youtube videos when i liked your channel. it had so many good records up then youtube took you down for copyright infringement. i wouldve never liked dubstep, ever, if it wasnt for your introduction. i dont remember what part of the uk you were from but you used to drive a forklift and you made me a video one time i showed my brother cos i told him to check out your channel. write me back i want to know how youve been if youre still freezing your ass off while making your mixes. whats your new channel name?


  1. i remember we fell out on skype over something not sure what tho

  2. i sent a message but think my email is dead,anyway hows it going still making tings,still on the forklift shut my youtube accounts,but started a new one its very low key with my tracks and some mixes ZootCaptain

  3. oh nice buddy sorry it took me so long to get to your comments lemme go check out your new page and sub. me here still making things and good to hear you still on the lift. though, i hope you got some better heating now as i remember you looking cold while spinning your mixes lol see you on the internet, friend!