years ago, in vancouver
i associated this feather
with an encounter
with this native man who frightened me a bit
im unsure why
i think its because he saw me and my brilliance
and i ran away, got scared.
i couldnt understand his intention
his revelation
i associated him with a story he told
or the story i made up and beheld
in my mind for a while. for a long while
every time i saw a feather on the ground
a white feather or was it black
i felt he was around and sometimes he was
i would see him after seeing a feather in my path
it was uncanny and scary
as fuck
if you can imagine magic without knowing what it actually is
that is what black magic felt like

then i moved so many times
my stuff my life my memories
associated with the past present and future
i saw a coyote in vancouver
the last place i lived in
there was a freaking coyote on the streets
that night
i saw a coyote and it looked at me.

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