whats happening to everyone i asked the iching today
it gave me 18, decay

felt calm this morning but to my dismay
i looked around and felt a worry

of sorts to sort
of letters to print
and voices to be heard remembered and filtered

the noise is the hum of the city
the hummers and the harmonicas

the bums and business men
all wearing suits suited to perfect them
their stance their posture their elegance
in shopping carts in car trunks in bottles of sustenance

stop now go ahead
a dot a dash
give him head
will you marry me for my money
or what i bring to bed

does it matter
batter this vegetable
and pronounce me dead
fry me in oil fat lard and blotter
my excesses
teach me to slim down
and watch me rise up
like a burning cookie wrapper
speaking in spanish
golden like elephants
decorated wood posts
and tea cups of soil.


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