thought id make a quick post to top that last one. i already forgot all about it. lol. so lets just keep it there as a reminder. just dont read it too much cos its *yawn* boooorrring.. read instead the poem below it....

when i was a kid i used to spend summers with my girl cousins in
the states
and i miss those days i still remember them
the earring calendars
the glitter pen on the folding chair saying boy george
or was it prince
either way those days are here again
the quality of air

did you embarrass me? did you really
or did you embarrass yourself
how can you face me now
if you did that and admit it
what will i do when that day comes

the long path towards familiar feelings
going home alone again
going to meet my friends again
hang out with my family again.

ps. i want to get a photo printed. id like to hold a photo in my hands when i wake as well. pure gold...

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