this is pure dislike.

i realized this year the people i met and called my friends

were not my friends at all.
most especially the ones that were convinced they know me, knew me, more like.
those are the most dangerous ones. the back stabbing, faux bleeding heart, poised to plunge the knife in.
the ones that pretend to be your friend, pretend to try and "save" you, "help" you, "advise" you, all the while hiding behind their oppressed unexpressed unrequited feelings that boil their insides and cause their vibes to fuck with my mind.
fuck you guys.
who knows me and who cares?
apparently no one. but myself and the strangers i meet.

i knew this guy who pretends to be nice. his thoughts are anything but. we knew each other back home. we tripped out and he told me his propositions. i felt pure dread and hit the ignore button. then, he bashed anyone i loved who wasnt him. now, he bashes me and says he loves those that i love because i have no love for him to acknowledge. talk about being a loser who has no spine he is. another one i introduce and welcome into the community around me, only to hear of him and know he is around creeping like a snake, saying shit and trying his best to build himself up from the feeble life he imagines he isnt leading.

people dont get me. they are weirded out and i dont bother explaining. mostly, they want something from me and i play on that, because what else can i do?

so when i find a friend, you can tell im into you. so into you.

so when i find a friend, this person stays with me for life, even after they leave.

i dont need to make any enemies, they make themselves up all around me on the daily.

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