ok my 100th post (? youd think there were more) (according to the dashboard stats anyway) (oh correction, my 1,000th post)

on the airwaves: grizzly bear // veckatimist


i found the compose icon. no more block posts. how divine!


so this post ok, im going to do my best to finish that story i have below. the one about murphys law and sandy.

where did i leave off lets see... (fade to wavy blur into the past)

ah yes.. ok so he pays and i walk in. walking straight to the ripped leather sofa, carefully adjusting the leather throw covering the rips, i sit down and proceed to hang out. i get hungry and eat his leftovers. then i get hungry again and i make french toast. talked watched movie fell asleep. now my friend snores and so do i. and i was seeing another friend for lunch the next day so i was like hmm i should go home but it was stormy and the trains were not running. so i stayed and moved to his room cos he crashed on the sofa... woke up to his incessant alarm and walked downstairs 3 times to pick his phone up and give it to him lmao. frik so that killed it for me and i pretty much yelled at the poor guy till we made up. so then i went home and the trains were all messed up still. so im almost late for my lunch and was frazzled but somehow managed to get it together for sushi. and damn it was soooo good sushi over at 67 roncy. go check it out its a hole in the wall but its so good. they have these special dry sodas in amazing flavours. they arent sweet and 4 ingredients. yes. i had lavender and my friend had blood orange. it was so nice i got so full. then i got home and the story ended. so yeah it wasnt such a good story ey/////

the musics good though...
and i still miss my doll.

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