im joining the cbc writing contest its 500 words and the theme is encounters with science. this will be my trailer for "my life as a fractal". story goes: girl meets guy. guy disappears. girl looks for him. finds out about herself in the process... dun du du duuun! i have it recorded in my computer i just have to type it out. ya! all the stories i come up with, all the strangers i speak to pretending they are you... my conspiracy theorist heart finds a home.



    Suspicious Observers... encounter a lot of science

  2. ohh thanks. i hope you arent using science on me!! i love this geeky stuff. its a bit worrisome though.

  3. I'm just droppin' a little science on ya. I love his daily 2MIN News... LOTS of cool geeky stuff you'll never hear anywhere else, though essential data - not too shabby for a lawyer, eh?. Check out the STARWATER vid too.

    3MIN News... you'll be hooked