i went and biked to see if my love would be there
but he wasnt
well, i got scared. it was dark.
i didnt go in and check properly.
kinda dumb.
whatever/not whatever.
constantly trolled.
waste of time and effort.
hes never going to be there
hes never coming back
he doesnt even think of me.

unrequited love is the worst.

your heart feels like lead
your throat feels thick
your frown, your scowl,

just one time.


i never get what i want.
its always a hand me down
an accident
pure luck
by chance
worked for it
falls on my lap.
never the right timing,
never who i truly want.

tsk tsk tsk

one day i hope to fall in love with the right person at the right time no mistakes no abandonment no fakes no abuse no tears.


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