but am i still testing?
why bother, i say
the passing fancies
and rush of initial interest fades quickly
enough to remember
why do all these stories remind me of you
if you were to tell me your story through another
i have heard it a thousand times
every version brings a new version
do you know what version we are on right now?
version fucked.9
cosine that

someone wrote something wonderful and attached was a picture from my childhood.
i have the same picture in a frame, in my room. i even copied the image and painted it for my friend. my old bus mate...judy. and the dream of horses and judy and the yellow brick road.

i still pretend you will show up one day and explain. but i am wrong wrong wrong
you wont show up
if anything
youll ask me for money
ask me for cash to buy this to buy that
cash i dont got
youll tell me to wait
youll tell me to bring you something
you wont tell me to go
you wont tell me the truth

in the meanwhile i drag and drag and drag

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