yeah im not gonna finish that last story... basically it sucked it was fun it was cool it wasnt then i got to eat some sushi and get dirty. so all in all it was another day in the life of whatever this is. but now i have the extreme urge to say: i like, do sex. lol wtf. losers. sexuality what does it mean and why are some people so annoyed by it. i guess if you are a church goer it would bug you to be jokes about sex. if you knew who you were with you would know what they are like. so its a crying shame a lot of people lie. good thing im a good liar to myself. yeah so im really needing to find a job. career change. i gave my inspiration away to losers. and they keep taking it and i just let them. cos i dont really like it anymore. my inspiration i mean. the intention. to feel like i used to. but what is that. poke poke poke. oh yeah baby that feels sooo good. thats me being sarcastic i have to explain. maybe i should move.

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