yeah i know its been like 2 months. wtf. who cares no one reads this shit anyway so the other night i was thinking what the fuck does he want, his uncle to sperm my frozen eggs? thats when i thought, ok better go to sleep. but not before 3 more ridiculous thoughts. like gee. and holy fuck i cant bear the thought of you playing with a little baby that isnt part of me. you know you can call me baby. and ill coo back. did i get it right? a little black book unasked ungiven and now to return and truck or flame so retarded my flights of fancy become stories for the ages its ok if youre gay and were a virgin 40 year old virgin? hilarious but you felt so freaking good yep i so remember and it wasnt my british friend on a rave where that came from it is so funny when i was a kid in a parking lot with all my friends i met this chick from spain and she was wearing satin she told me the nacho cheese joke and i loved her for it she wore glasses and strappy sandals she told me she never tried e before so i told her give me your money and lemme get you one which i dutifully did and she tripped with us her first time brought to you by connection: me. then she turned into a super star. im not claiming movie rights bragging rights or any right but i loved seeing that girl soar. .: somedays i see you everywhere i asked you once: will you name your restaurant nicole? and you said: hey good catch smalleys and... hmm lemme think about this one and truck my sorry lame ass down queen street one more time oh yeah gelato pizza it isnt really like sushi pizza but its way better than sushi pizza with a killer cat. wouldnt that be insanely crazy amazing? i thought so too. i also thought, get your head straight this is reality that is a dream. so many possibilities. like that lykki li song my belly hurts and i drank some milk. with tea. its getting late im meant to be sewing but i keep reading bullshit and loving it. so einstein says be steady to avoid uncertainty. OK

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