wow talk about storm sandy. the only thing sandy was was sods law, murphy had some friends over last night and they partied, have been partying. so climate change. its changed in my lifetime. i suppose thats what it does but wow new york flooded in a minute. last night my friends like hey im home hanging out, so im like oh i want some hang out im gonna come over/ but of course sandy had done her thing, the train lines were down, i had no money and was gonna beg a ride, but there was no train anyway... walking back and forth talkin on the phone thinking man i really want some hang out i havent had any in two days and im gonna step on an innocent otherwise. so i yell at him poor guy lol and go home and start unfuming cos 1, i was annoyed the trains were taking so long 2, finding out there were no trains after walking back n forth to stops 3, no hang out... so im home and then he calls and is like hey lets trade your good behaviour for hang out, ill pay your cab. lol. im like wth man, why didnt you tell me that while i was outside/ so i get dressed and go grab a cab and hes like ok the cab should only be 20 bucks. so i get in the cab the drivers like, hey. im like yo. and were talkin and he says im his first pasajero, his familys like why you goin out so late do you think theres going to be anyone out there, hes like of course theres a storm, and i said that too.. anyway i tell him about the backlog of trains- i found out cos while i was goin back and forth some guy walked by me and told me yeah the trains are all backed up down there the power lines are messed up, thats when i walked home and yelled at my poor friend lol anyway the cab drivers like hey im like yo my friend said the cab should only cost 20 bucks and take the highway and when i tell him about the train backlog hes like oh you know i got a friend who works for ttc and he says the ttc's got its own power lines separate from the city. im like, really? oh so if there a brownout the ttc will still work but if theres a blackout the ttc is out too. and if it gets messed the ttc wont work but he said there are grids scattered and they would probly lend their power or get rerouted...we also talked about i cant remember but when we got to my friends place i was like oh i shouldve called him and when we got right to the door the cab was 19.75 and i called my friend and he was waiting at the door! pretty cool right? so he pays i walk in and now im tripping on the music and i should do something like look for more jobs and fix my lame resume. oh just give it a cane. candy cane please, my mom used to make them into raindeer... ill finish this story later. anyway its not going to fare as well one would imagine as the forewarning suggests but there is a twist ending

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