i had a fucked up dream. i wrote it to some guy on chat last night so ill just cut an paste it here. fuck me though cos i forgot to remove my sig in my email. im so dumb. aaaanyway earlier i woke up in terror and i couldnt move i tried screaming and it came out so slowly. i finally woke myself up. i was scared and i thought someone was coming into my house but i had put all these traps so i would hear anybody, but in my dream state, i ran to the door and my bike was gone, it had been moved to the kitchen and when i looked my lock on the door was gone! i opened the door to the hallway and it was weird, the atmosphere was different. this was about the time i 'woke up'. when i checked my clock less than 20 mins had passed since i came to bed. so i stayed up a bit and eventually fell asleep. then i woke up at 10:30 paid some rent :( and now im hungry.

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